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Shards of Mania - Eva's Vignette

Posted by MinaSagas - July 5th, 2022

On vacation with not much else to do but write. Here's a vignette from Shards of Mania about Eva.


potential CW: gore


The maggots stir from within as I hear his voice again - that voice that has called to me in my dreams for so long. I feel a burning deep inside. A desire for more than that equilibrium of processes mortal flesh demands. Food, water, rest... the ceaseless cycle! What kind of life is this? I am a living creature and yet already feel as a corpse! My heart then starts to beat with vigor beyond the engulfing flames. There is power here. Such power! Hell is empty and all the devils are here!

I feel the lustful heat wash over my body until it becomes unbearable. My skin blisters. I can see myself through the red haze, but only at certain angles. The rest of my visage is hidden by the fire's shadow. I begin to burn brighter and brighter, like a star being born in a great burst of light! But I am not alone. I feel my spirit moving the cooking meat of my body. The inferno rips open the flesh with its fangs and drags out the intestines. But there is no pain. This is a new sensation. My mouth fills with blood as I devour the entrails while they beat with their last pulse.

"Help me." I say to the creature that is consumed by the same fire. "Help me!"

He does not answer, but I feel him near. As I chew on my still-warm liver, my mind begins to clear. I see him - his golden eyes as the blood drips down my blackened chin. He stands before me now and looks upon me with pity.

"You must take it all," he says, "Nothing less will suffice. You have been so long without... this..."

As he speaks, I realize how hungry I've become. And suddenly it all makes sense. The hunger, the rage, the thirst. All of these were driving me. The fire was always there though not manifest. So many years I had lived in darkness. Now the fire is here and it is consuming me. It burns away the thoughts that have held me back and drives me onwards. I want more than anything else in the world to be free of this torment.

His words ring true, and I do as I'm told. Once free, the blood flows from me. I turn my attention toward the source of this liquid delight. Fire and water. The flame feeds the raging river of blood flowing through my veins. It feeds the flames that cause the smoke and ash to rise around me. Without fire, there would be no rain, no rivers, and no trees. I want more, and I know how to get it.

"What is this?" He says amused. "Why do you feel such joy? In this suffering?"

I shake my head.

"Then what is it?" He insists.

I don't know.

"Tell me. Tell me what your heart desires."

I am confused. I cannot comprehend.

"Let me feel it too."

As I'm distracted by my thirst, the creature approaches and reaches into my chest. With his talons, he plucks out my heart and places it in his mouth. I watch as he burns hotter and brighter. Soon, both of us are covered in a sea of flame, united in fire.

I feel no pain. All of my senses are heightened. I hear the sound of rushing air, and taste the bitter tang of it. I smell the charred remains of the forest all around us. I see the brilliant colors of the night sky above and the earth below. I feel the wind on my face, and the moonlight upon my neck. I look up at the stars.

A red star leads me on. I follow it. I always have. I simply did not know why. But now I understand what I seek. I reach out and grasp the star in my hand. It is warm and soft. I mold it between my fingers and bring it close to my face. It is beautiful. My star. My life.

I place it against my lips and kiss it. As I do so, I feel a strange warmth course through me. I cannot explain this feeling. It is alien to me.

A dance begins. The two of us, together, move through the symphony as it plays and never stops. We spin in circles, always coming back to each other. He touches my face. The warmth spreads over my body. But even after the taste of it, I still do not understand. He looks at me expectantly. Still, I can only shake my head.

"Come with me," he says, taking my hand in his.

I leave the path behind and walk through the forest, following the crimson trail. I see the stars in his eyes as we move across the darkness. Does he know what he has done to me? Does he understand the consequences of his actions?

I wonder if he knows that this is all his fault.

Upon me a desirous eye,

half-lidded and lust-filled,

with insatiable hunger stare.

A gaze that torments me so,

simultaneously with joy and despair.

The eyes are open, the mouth agape,

and the tongue is out, as if to say:

"Come, come, my darling.

True happiness is at hand!

Come, and drink from the river of bliss!"

Unable to resist the temptation,

I succumb and thrust my head.

Dancing before my eyes, little flames go by.

The orange and red of their glow

watering the unsatiated fire in my soul.

There below me an Inferno roars,

a seething mass of primordial matter. 

Darkness shrieks, howls and writhes,

and in their midst I hear a little voice cry: 

"Come, come, my darling.

True happiness is at hand!

Come, and drink from the river of bliss!"

Unable to resist the temptation,

I fall down the throat of darkness.

Eternity opens up before me,

its crossroads splitting me asunder.

The sun and moon revolve in harmony,

and yearning embraces the essence of life.

Infinite are the choices that lie before me,

and in my soul the sweet song of freedom rings.

The colors dance before my eyes,

the world is a fairy tale come true,

I can have everything that I need,

as long as it is mine to choose.

Darkness shrieks, howls and writhes, 

and in their midst I hear a little voice cry:

"Come, come, my darling!

True happiness is at hand!

Come, and drink from the river of bliss!"

Unable to resist the temptation,

I wander the paths that divide,

Lost in a maze of twistings,

obliteration hounds my very soul.

Sunlight gives way to eternal twilight

and Eldritch chaos grips my mind.

Paralyzed by the malice of ignorance,

I can but capitulate with obedience.

Shambling hopeless into the night,

I squander the hours forlorn,

in a bottomless pit of time

that gives no release from its vice.

Darkness shrieks, howls, and writhes,

and in their midst I hear a little voice cry:

"Come, come, my love!

The way to true bliss has been long!

Come, enter my realm at last!"

Unable to resist temptation

I cross the threshold into night.



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